Farm Bureau YF&R Conference

I haven’t  made it to the farm in a couple of days but I did mix and mingle with other young farmers over the weekend during Farm Bureau’s annual state Young Farmers & Ranchers conference in Wichita. While I didn’t participate in everything I get an opportunity to meet some great people. You won’t find a friendlier bunch of young people anywhere else. The group’s main emphasis again this year was spreading the message of agriculture and educating others about common farming and ranching practices. There are several groups out there whose aim is to take down agriculture- especially animal agriculture. The groups speak loud and their videos and images speak even louder. Today’s many in the agriculture business are struggling to overcome the negative images those agencies are casting on the industry. But the tide is slowly turning and farmers and ranchers of all ages are doing their part to tell others about their farm and ranch and show people what responsible farming looks like. 

I have learned a ton about farming in the past nine months and now I’m trying to help the cause. Even if I really don’t know all that much.

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