I visited a pasture full of heifers and calves Thursday evening. It was cold and snowing and we had to walk to the pasture because the truck couldn’t make it through the mud drive. It was fun to see so many young calves- many a week or less old. The couple that owns the farm has laid straw in various parts of the pasture to provide a dry, somewhat warmer, place for the mothers to have their calves. Calving season is full of long days, cold nights and a few sad moments. But nearly everyday, cattlemen receive the gift of a new, healthy calf. It really is a miracle to see mother cows able to deliver a healthy calf, give it a good bath ( by way of licking), a good meal and then watch the calf run and play. The herd I saw Thursday was Herefords which are, by nature, a much calmer, more laid-back breed, which means I got to get pretty close to the animals. The mother cows were a little protective of their young- but that is to be expected.

I don’t enjoy the cold and mud that comes with calving season but I rarely turn down the opportunity to see a new baby calf.

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