Farm Bureau YF&R National Conference

Last yesterday I returned from the 2010 Farm Bureau Young Farmers and Ranchers national conference in Tulsa, Okla. Young people involved in all aspects of the agricultural community attended the event and it was interesting to learn about the different products grown and harvested on farms across the country. The theme of the conference was Stand Up Speak Out which encompasses the emphasis of the entire Farm Bureau organization over the past year. Those in the agriculture community have learned that a majority of people no longer have ties to the farm and that the general public must be educated on what a farmer or rancher does and how their work impacts the benefits the community. One of the workshops I attended focused on rural community development and its amazing to see how events and promotions started by farmers and farm families can benefit an entire community. One of the best parts of the Tulsa trip was visiting the animal genetics company outside Stillwater. I got to see, first hand, how a bull “makes love.” It was interesting but definitely something I could go without seeing again. It was amazing to see just how far genetics technology has come and how far it will go in just the next few years.

After enjoy a whole weekend of fun, I did pass up the opportunity to attend a bull auction in Franklin, Neb. It’s forecasted to be freeze there tomorrow and I don’t think I’m cut out for bull shopping in sub-freezing temperatures. Maybe I ride along when the weather is nicer.

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