Calves, Calves, Calves

The field outside my boyfriend’s house is full of mothers and calves. It’s a wonderful sight to see them all grazing on the green grass. The calves, like kids, will run and play with one another, nap in the sun together and eat together. When we drive into the pasture to check on everything the mothers will come running to make sure nothing has happened to their calf. Thus far, there have been three sets of twins born- all six calves have survived! And I have gotten the pleasure of bottle feeding a few. 

In less than a month, the mothers and their calves will be moved to grazing pastures in various parts of the state. They will stay there for about 100 days enjoying the green grass and warm summer. Someone will check on the herd daily. 

Calving is a stressful time of year for ranchers, especially when weather conditions are less than ideal, but the hard work pays off when you get to see a new born calf take its first steps and begin life on four feet.

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