Working in the Field

I rode into the tractor for the first time in months today. The boyfriend cultivated three of the fields he hopes to plant with fall crops. I know he was very, very, very eager to get into the field and happy to make it through three fields! He had intended to disc the fields but the disk is broke ūüė¶¬† I don’t mind riding also to cultivate¬†or disc the field because the work goes fast and there are visible¬†results. Planting, on the other hand, is not as fun because¬†it’s slow and you can’t see what you have accomplished.

Today’s field work marked the beginning¬†of busy season-¬†a season that will last until about Thanksgiving- for my boyfriend and his family. I know he isn’t thrilled about the long nights and weekend work but is happy to be in the tractor again!

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