Field work completed

While I haven’t been to the farm in a couple of days, I have received reports that the field work is done and now it’s a waiting game. The fields need moisture before planting can begin which means everyone is at the mercy of Mother Nature. As a writer, I can relate to that dependency because my articles are often dependent on other people agreeing to speak with me, returning my phone calls and offering up usable comments. My one concession is that I can often find usable alternatives be it another article or another source. But farmers don’t have that luxury. The only alternative to Mother Nature is a couple of rounds of the pivot but that doesn’t deliver the same effect.

While the waiting game can be frustrating, it can also be a nice break from long hours in the tractor and the race that is spring field work and planting.

But as soon as the needed rain arrives, the race back on, this time to get the crops in the ground. Production agriculture is all about timing and elements out of everyone’s control. And for that, I tip my pen, or is this case cursor and am off to begin my Rain Dance.

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