My first calf

Today I entered the world of livestock ownership. I purchased my first calf at the Salina sale barn. I actually bought her from my boyfriend’s dad. She wasn’t bringing as much as he had hoped at the sale so I bid – I should clarify that, my boyfriend bid $200 for me- and sold, she was all mine.

So we loaded her back up, took her back home and now, the six-week old heifer calf is all mine. Which sounds great, but means she’s mine to feed, look after and track. I have named her Jo but her farm name is Blue 773- which comes from her ear tag. Maybe I can talk my boyfriend into giving her a new ear tag. 

She would still be feeding from her mother so I have to give her two bottles of formula a day. She’s pretty good with the bottle but can get to flinging the formula around. My boyfriend has offered to take her to his house, which will be a little more convenient and will allow me to see her a little more, outside of feeding times.

I am hoping that by purchasing a female, I will be able to watch her and all her future kids for several years. I am leaving here whereabouts to my boyfriend so I am sure that, like most of his heifers, she will end up at grass for most summers and at the silos most winters. 

I like of like the idea of owning a calf. While she is an investment more than a pet, I will get to enjoy seeing her grow and have baby calves. 

My boyfriend kind of laughs at me but I consider my purchase my first step in diversifying my investment portfolio.

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