Connecting with Calves

It’s amazing how quickly I can become attached to a farm animal. My calf, Jo, always seems happy to see me. But I know it’s not me she’s excited to greet, it’s the bottle of formula in my hand she’s welcoming. I fix and serve Jo two bottles of formula a day. She’s fed before I go to work and on my way home. When she feels like snacking in between, she has grain. I look forward to see my calf. Her excitement and curious nature make me laugh and she, without fail, licks my butt after she’s fed. She smells, has dingleberries and really don’t like to cuddle, but I love her none the less.

I know she’s just a calf, one that will forget all about me when she’s old enough to graze and roam with the other heifers but for now, I’m enjoying my twice-a-day visits with Jo. If nothing else, she’s one person- or animal- that’s actually happy to see me and can’t complain or whine at me. Yeah for cows!

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