Field Trip

I took my parents on a little field trip to the silos this afternoon. They wanted to see Jo so I let them tag along when I went to feed my calf this evening. It’s so funny how only three miles separate their home and my calf but the two places are worlds apart.

My mom claims my calf is “cute.” I showed them my boyfriends entire operation and they enjoyed seeing the baby calves that were running and playing. My boyfriend and his father were separating cattle to load into the semi truck for delivery to Salina tonight. Tomorrow, the Salina sale barn staff will check the cows to see what ones are pregnant and which ones are “open” or not pregnant. The open cows will be sold in the “odds and ends” sale Monday and the pregnant cows will be sold as a group Tuesday.

Taking opportunities to take “city people” to the farm is something farmers and cattlemen need to take advantage of when possible. It’s one thing to read about agriculture in the paper or see it on television, but it’s another to see an operation first-hand. That experience will stay with my parents and others that visit the farm for years to come.

Now that my parents have seen the cattle operation, I think it’s time they experience the sale barn!

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