Mad Cows

No they don’t have Mad Cow Disease but the cows on my boyfriends farm were not happy this morning. I traveled to “the silos” at about 7 a.m. this morning to feed Jo. While she was happy to see me, it was very clear that some of the other cows were not too happy about the re-arrangement that had occurred the day before.

My boyfriend, his father and his hired kid sorted mama cows, calves and bulls yesterday afternoon in preparation of moving them to various locations over the next few days.

A few of the mama cows were making it very clear last night and again this morning that they prefer the status quo.

And it only takes one mad mother cow to incite anger in other mama cows. A long, deep bellow and it seems they can strike up a chorus of moos, moans and cries. While the cows aren’t in any harm, danger or discomfort, they are in a different location than they were yesterday morning and for them, that’s cause for complaint.

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