Moving to the farm

Well, the ring on my left hand makes me official part of the farming family. While I won’t move to the farm for several more months, I am excited to think that I now get to be part of and help carry on a four-generation family tradition. 

I, like many, was pretty oblivious to the agriculture community before meeting my fiance. Everyday, I am learning more and more about their practices and the issues they face. I continue to help spread the word both through this blog and through my work at The Sentinel. 

Memorial Day is always a welcomed holiday for producers because that signals the start of grilling season, which means increased demand for beef products. While producers have been seeing higher prices for cattle, larger demand usually means better profits – or profits in general for cattlemen. 

So, this Memorial Day, enjoy a hamburger or maybe a juicy steak and remember the producer that made your meal possible!

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