Busy Season

It’s official, we’ve entered busy season here on the farm. The guys are in the tractors 15 hours a day- stopping only when something breaks or they need more seed. I’ve tried to help out by taking out lunch and drinks. I’ve even taken a couple of spins in the tractor while Derek planted soybeans. I think he’s getting a little nervous about getting it all in the ground before harvest begins.

As much as he may complain about being in the tractor all day, I do think Derek enjoys planting season. It’s an opportunity to listen to his favorite sports radio shows, do some thinking and see some beautiful landscape. Planting is not my favorite activity, you really can’t see the progress you’ve made and it requires a lot of stopping, backing up and refilling. I much prefer the ease of harvest and combines.

Now that I am officially going to be a farm wife, I have to start getting used to not seeing Derek all day and most of the evening. It will take some getting used to but I’m sure I will eventually grow to enjoy the peace and quit of the house all to myself.

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