Harvest test-run

This afternoon Derek decided he was going to start-up the combine tomorrow and try to clear some fields. While he admits there is still standing water in the field he plans on starting with, he thinks there is wheat ready to be cut. I guess we’ll see.

I know many area farmers are and have been frustrated as continued rain has kept them out of the field. Earlier this year, experts were predicting an early harvest but it looks like the combines will start right on time.

Sometimes I think it would be frustrating to be a farmer because they are dependent on outside factors to do their job. But I realized earlier today that my job as a journalist isn’t that much different from Derek’s. While I’m not as dependent on Mother Nature, I am dependent on sources, spokespersons and others that can easily- and sometimes do- decide to not return my phone call or respond to my E-mail. Now occasionally we journalist do forge ahead without a source, we typically have to put the article on hold until our outside factors cooperate.

And, like farmers, there is always something else to move onto so while I might not be able to work on the exact article or project I want to at that time, there is always something to get done.

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