Harvest in full swing

Combines are cutting, grain carts are hauling and trucks are standing in lines 20 trucks deep which only means one thing- harvest is officially under way. With multiple days of 90-plus temperatures and plenty of wind, combines were able to hit the fields throughout the county.

Derek and the crew spent Saturday cutting south of town. The fields were dry and moisture levels were below 10 percent. Yields varied as hail and wind damage became apparent.

The crew is hauling wheat to Cargill in Hutchinson and waiting in lines sometimes 20 trucks deep. But, the additional 5 cents a bushel makes the wait worth it.

I continue to provide nutritional support in the form of lunches, desserts and snacks. The work is necessarily back-breaking but it is hot and the days are long.

Minus a few issues with the header, they have had little troubles. By the end of Saturday, the crew will have cut about 400 acres- which puts them just shy of half-way done.

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