Still cutting

After a break in honors of our father and grandfathers, Derek and the crew was up and running again Monday morning. Another day of 90+ degree temperatures and gusty winds created idea harvest conditions. Fields in the northern part of the county did receive a some rain Sunday night but Derek’s fields remained dry.

I again delivered lunch, a snack and a cold drink to the field. Kate, Derek’s trusty farm dog, joined the crew. The guys will likely cut late into the night and then start again tomorrow morning. If they continue to cut at this rate, they are likely to finish Wednesday afternoon.

It is pretty cool to watch the combine cut the wheat that will likely be used to create bread for someone living half-way around the world. Without dedicated farmers, we would not have the safe, affordable le food we are accustomed to.

That seems short compared to last year’s harvest but that also means the guys are free to move onto their fall crops, which are due for fertilizer and water.

Work on the farm is never done!

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