Harvest Rolls On

The combines roll on! Tuesday makes the fourth day of wheat harvest for Derek and his crew. We are fortunate in that Mother Nature has cooperated thus far, delivering 90-plus temperatures and plenty of wind. 

No major break-downs have occurred but several minor issues have caused some frustration. The guys didn’t get started until after lunch today but will surely work until late tonight stopping only when the elevator closes and the trucks are full.

This year, Austin and Doug are driving the trucks and hauling the wheat into Hutchinson. An extra 35-cents a bushel make the trip worth it. But better prices mean longer lines as more farmers take advantage of the price boost. 

I continue to provide the nutritional support for the crew and the occasional riding buddy for Derek. I enjoy riding at night as you get to enjoy the sunset and summer colors.

Derek Sawyer, left, Austin Huber, Doug Sawyer and Marshall Anderson man the equipment for this year's wheat harvest.

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