Moving on to beans

With harvest now done – and thankfully so because it wasn’t quite as spectacular this year- it is on to double-cropping soybeans and setting up flood irrigation systems. 

Derek and his father decided to plant soybeans in three wheat fields as a means to generate a little more revenue. The soybeans will need a good rain in the next couple of days to thrive so fingers crossed that Mother Nature cooperates. Those not in the tractor are busy putting pipe in place which will be used for flood irrigation for some of the irrigated corn and soybeans. The drip irrigation system pumps water from the well and floods the rows with water. It is an irrigation method that works for areas not suited for an above-ground sprinkler system. Derek’s dog love the flood irrigation because it providers her a place to cool off on hot days.

The wheat fields not replanted will be worked and readied for planting later this fall. The cattle are still out to pasture so they are taken care of. I try to help out where I can- which usually means helping change the water on the irrigation or delivering cold drinks on hot days.

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