Growing Season

I’ve been absent from the farm- and from this blog- for some time now. I still feed my calf, Jo, daily and do what I can to keep the dog, Kate, entertained but I haven’t done much farming- not that I really do much actual farming. Things are king of in transition mode right now. Derek’s dad swathed hay all weekend while Derek was in Washington D.C. with Farm Bureau Young Farmers and Ranchers. I have been busy updating the “farm house” and adding my own, unique touch to the place. The sporadic rain has kept some pivots quit but the daily 100-degree temperatures means things dry out fast so irrigation is a much is a much for many.

A corn is tall and looking good. Some of the beans look great, some not so much. It all hinges on when they were planted and how quickly they got a rain. With a fair amount of double-cropping being reported around the county, it looks like the county will have a pretty good fall harvest.

The cows are still out to pasture for the summer and the calves are getting big. Next month, the bulls will start coming home and the cows and calves will follow shortly. For some its on to the feedlot. For others, it back to the silos and pastures in the area. We’ve had a pasture near Derek’s house full of cow-calf pairs- and three horses- all summer and it’s been fun the watch them grow. The calves continue to feed from the mother cows but will soon transition to grazing and grain.

Summer is also breeding time so hopefully many of the mother cows are pregnant again and will be ready to give birth in early 2011. Summer is a fun time on the farm. Everything is colorful and growing! If only the dang mosquitos would go away!

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