Cows on the Run

Derek purchased about 50 head of cattle today. While unloading the cattle, a couple decided they would attempt a get-away. Now I don’t know the whole story but I do know I found one of the cows on the highway overpass attempting to head east. Following somewhat close behind was Derek’s dad, hot, tired and obviously frustrated. I believe the guys finally got the cattle back into the fenced area but it took a lot of work and patience to get there.

Now I tell that story because it exemplifies how farming can make for a great, flexible lifestyle but can also get in the way of life. Derek and I had an appointment but I was forced to call and reschedule when it was 20 minutes after the time we were supposed to be there and there was no Derek is sight. Cows often get out when it’s least convenient for their owner to get them back in. And they don’t make returning home quick or easy. As a soon-to-be farm wife I’m learning that these things happen, no one can control them- ok, fences could be tighter and gates closed- but cattle live to escape and will spend their life trying to do so. I am also learning that getting upset, mad etc doesn’t do any good and that patience goes a long ways.

I admit I still get upset but I’m learning to let it all slide. And by the way, if anyone spots two black cows on the south side of McPherson, they belong to the Sawyer farm.

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