Don’t believe the TV

A CSI:Miami episode aired on CBS Monday paints the agriculture industry in a very negative light. A female in the show dies as a result of an E. Coli infection. The detectives trace the E. Coli to a lettuce field and a nearby feedlot. The episode attempts to paint produce growers and cattle owners as irresponsible producers that are polluting our food system. Not true!

Kansas cattle owners and farmers produce healthy, nutritious food that feeds the world. Crops are safe and toxin-free. Bio-tech food is safe for consumption and traits bred into the crops do not harm humans or animals.

Feedlots have drainage systems designed to carefully remove animal waste. And unlike the show implies, corn-feed cattle create safe, healthy beef.

Today’s media can easily, and sometimes unintentionally, paint a very negative picture of the agriculture community. Monday night’s CSI episode is a perfect example. People take what is stated in those shows as truth, without doing their homework. If you have questions about what happens on today’s farms, visit a farmer, tour their operation and you will see a safe and healthy operation.

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