BUSY! Fall Harvest in Full Swing

It’s been busy on the farm. And while I can’t take credit for any of the work that has been done in the field or else where, I can say I’ve been busy. Right now, my fiance and his father are in the midst of fall harvest. The corn has been picked- yes, you pick corn not cut it- and the soybeans are about half-way cut. At last check-in, the header on the combine had malfunctioned and it sounded like the crew would be out of commission for a few hours. At the same time fall crops are coming out of the ground, wheat must go in the ground. Some fields are showing the first hints of the hard, red winter wheat that is popular in Kansas, although right now the wheat looks like grass! Reports indicate corn harvest is about a month a head of schedule and soybean harvest is early this year as well. 

Cows are also beginning to come home from a summer of grazing on large, open pasture land. A couple hundred cows and calves returned home in August and the remainder will arrive back at the farm this month. In addition to the cows and calves we had on the farm last winter, we will add about 600 new calves that were purchased from a ranch in southwest Kansas. This is the second year we have purchased calves from the ranch and they always look great! 

Once the soybeans are picked and the wheat is planted, it will be on to repairing fence and preparing feed for the cows. They will be hungry this fall and winter and we have to be prepared with hundreds of thousands of pounds of feed for them.

In addition to the regular farm happenings, we have added a few members to the Sawyer Family Farms. Four new kittens now call our garage home- they were adopted to fend off the mice but have provided some great entertainment. We also adopted a horse, Blaze. He came from the same ranch we purchased our calves and is adjusting to “city” life. Living on the ranch for more than a decade, he probably saw more cars in a day on our farm than he did during his entire time at the ranch. But he seems to have gotten use to the noise and traffic and is enjoying his new quarters. 

The remainder of October is pretty busy and also includes a trip for my fiance for his part on Farm Bureau’s national Young Farmers and Ranchers committee. Taking care of animals and the land is always important, but advocating for agriculture has become an increasingly more necessary as people and organizations try to attack agriculture and its practices.

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