Officially a Farm Wife

Well, it’s been several, several weeks since I last updated my blog but a wedding, holidays and Farm Bureau commitments seem to have gotten in the way.

I am now an official farm wife. I now reside in the country, on a dirt road and get the joy of hearing the coyotes howl every night. Derek and I traveled to Atlanta for the Farm Bureau annual meeting and had the opportunity meet up with our fellow Young Farmers and Ranchers committee members. It was a very good time but we were all ready to be home. Unfortunately snow in Atlanta made that more difficult. But, we are back in cold, windy Kansas and settling into married life.

Things on the farm are slow. We had five calves born over Christmas but things should remain quiet until the end of the month. The now has required Derek and his father to work extra hard to ensure the cattle have food and water but it also provided  the wheat with some needed moisture.

I have not helped much on the farm as of late but have pledged to stay current with my blog and find other ways to be an advocate for agriculture. There are a lot of people spreading false information about agriculture and the products we produce and I am going to do a better job as fighting back. This is a battle we cannot afford to lose.

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