Winter on the farm is both relaxing and stressful. With no field work to do, my husband has a little more time on his hands. That being said, the cold can make small problems into large ones and a simple cattle watering fountain can freeze and cause hours of work. The winter is all about working ahead to prevent problems.

Our cow herd is growing- not in number but in waist size- by the day. We had five calves arrive on Christmas but haven’t seen any new faces sense. According to Derek’s records, we should start seeing new calves anyday now. And when they start coming, it will be a long couple of months before all is said and done. Last winter was rough on everyone- cold, wind and snow- so we are praying for a calmer January and February. We are also cleaning up our storage room-which doubles as a  nursery for the little ones and double checking all of the spotlight. Calving means regular checks and the occasional all-nighter to make sure momma and baby are OK.

I am getting used to the longer trip to work and navigating dark, icy dirt roads. Living in the country has forced me to be more organized and I am cooking much more than I can ever remember.

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