Support Group

I never imagined I would make the front page of the area newspaper for being part of a “support group.” Fortunately, this is a positive group that doesn’t deal with addiction or major life issues. It is instead a group of women throughout McPherson County that gather to talk/complain/brag about their hardworking farming husbands.

The Women Involved In Agriculture group, dubbed by many as the farmers’ wife support group, is comprised of about 20 ladies, ages 20 to 30 years, that all have some connection to the agriculture world. Most women’s husbands farm but others sell seed or work for the area co-op. They all understand the demands of the industry and the rewards of the job.

I was lucky enough to represent those girls in an article published about our group and what it aims to offer area ladies. My husband and I had our photo on the front page, complete with one or two of our steers enjoying his dinner. It was great publicity for our group and a good opportunity to highlight some of the wonderful women that help their men be successful each day.

I’ve been a member of the women in agriculture group since July and while I haven’t had the opportunity to attend every meeting, I have gotten to hear several great speakers and learn a thing or two about life on the farm. More important than the speakers, is the interaction with the other farm wives. We can share stories of late-night dinners, midnight trips to the field and the constant stream of dirt and mud that enters the house with the husband and the dogs. It’s great to talk to ladies who understand my situation, have answers to my question and can honestly say they know what I’m going through.

I am still new to the farming world, while my knowledge of agriculture has grown greatly since I met my  husband, I still have a lot to learn and a lot of late nights to endure. But, it’s all worth it because I have a husband that loves what he does and helps feed the world!

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