No more Oprah

I used to be an Oprah fan. I read her books, I purchased her products and yes, I have even watched a show or two. But no more. I am done with Oprah. On Tuesday, Opera talked about meat, more specifically, she talked about going meatless.

Michael Pollen, a well-known author that has claimed to publish the truth about the beef industry, a vegan and a Cargill executive all spoke about food, where it comes from and what it does to your body. While Oprah did attempt to show how much care is involved in the slaughter of cattle, the message of overshadowed by her push for people to go without red meat.

Kathy Freston, who published a book on going vegan, claimed removing animal products from her diet has made her healthier, thinner and healthier. Yes, eating more salad will add nutrients to your diet but Oprah was sending false and misleading information. Beef is not bad. It has the same fat content as fish and chicken and according to the beef council, has the same heart-healthy fats as olive oil. Read below for more nutritional information on beef:

Monosaturated Fat Half the fatty acids in lean beef are monounsaturated, the same heart-healthy type found in olive oil.
Polyunsaturated Fat Found mainly in vegetable oils such as safflower, sunflower, corn, flaxseed and canola oils, polyunsaturated fats are necessary for cell structure and making hormones.
Stearic Acid About 1/3 of beef’s total saturated fat is stearic acid, which has been shown to have a neutral effect on blood cholesterol levels in humans.
Other Saturated Fat The amount of fatty acids that can potentially raise your blood cholesterol levels is comparable in fish, chicken and lean beef.

Not eating red meat is a personal decision. But don’t let the mistreatment of animals, or misinformation about beef’s nutritional contents, persuade you. Beef is a safe and healthy source of protein. Log onto for more information and recipes.

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