A warm spot

We will do anything to make sure our animals are healthy and safe. A heifer calf born in the single-degree temperatures of Wednesday afternoon just couldn’t get warm. So, we decided to bring her into the garage and put Derek’s  good to use. I brought out the blow dryer and dried her off while warming her up. She’s now napping on the dog’s bed wrapped in Derek’s Snuggie in the garage.

During calving season, Derek and his dad will check on the mother cows every 3-4 hours. (I tag along when I can) They not only check mothers that look close to giving birth but also follow-up by checking all of the baby calves. The recent sub-zero wind chills and snow make it hard for the baby calves to get warm enough to get up for their first meal. It’s important that the baby calves get warm and have their first meal within a few hours of being born. The mothers do their best to dry and warm their babies but like human babies, the birthing process leaves calves wet. With single-digit temperatures, it’s sometimes hard for mothers to dry their babies enough to get them up and walking. We never like to separate mother and baby but if it means saving a calf, we’ll warm it up, dry it off and feed it a formula that resembles a mother’s milk. Then we return it to the group. We like seeing happy, warm calves.

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