A Day in Agriculture

I took a moment from my air-conditioned, climate controlled office job to capture a moment of the action on our farm today. Agweb.com hosted A Day in Agriculture and invited farmers across the country to share pictures and videos of a typical day on their operation. Today my husband, his father and two employees prepared about 330 calves for winter. The calves recently traveled to our farm from the ranch in Southcentral Kansas where they were born. The calves needed ear tags – so we can properly identify them, fly spray – for the obvious reasons, and a vaccine that is like a flu shot to ward off sickness. The calves are about six months and weigh approximately 575 pounds. They will live on our farm this winter and need to be prepared for the long, cold winter months.

Working calves

You can see this picture and hundreds of others from farmers at www.agweb.com. It’s wonderful to see such a variety of operations, landscapes and daily farming activities that all are part of feeding the world.

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