We’ll take the rain

Since moving to the country 10 months ago, I have noticed an ever-growing number of things that differ between city folk and those in the country. Not good, not bad, just different.

The latest – rain.

We FINALLY received some very much-needed rain last weekend. It was the slow, silent kind that plants, trees and soils soak up and utilize.

Despite raining for the better part of two days, most of the area received only 1 inch. (We’ll take it but were really hoping for 5 inches!)

After the rain, you ask anyone in town about the recent moisture and they go on and on about how much it rained and how happy farmers must be and how things aren’t dry anymore. Yes it rained and yes the ground will be moist for a couple of days but the rain come nowhere close to replenishing the 12 lost inches of moisture that we need to replenish fields and grasses.

Now, ask someone in the country about the rain and they’ll just shake their heads and make a quick comment about how it was needed and a much longer explanation about how much more we need.

Rain is the life-blood of the farming industry. You need it to grow crops, water cattle and feed pastures. It determines what lives, what dies and how profitable your harvest is.

For city people, an inch is just the right amount to fill bird baths, water plants and feed their lawns. Any more and it just creates problems.

For you city dwellers that don’t enjoy the occasionally 5-inch rains or weekend-long showers, just remember your friendly farmer friends who are counting on the rain to make a living and feed the world.

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