The Traveling Farmer

Almost everyone will travel – at least once – for their profession. Be it to a company retreat, business meeting or industry conference, the time will come when work moves outside the office.

For most professionals, travel is not a huge deal, they simply compile two or three days worth of clothing into a hanger bag and head out the door. But traveling farmers, that’s a different story.

I am currently helping my farmer husband prepare for his trip to the National FFA Convention in Indianapolis, Ind., followed by the American Farm Bureau Federation Young Farmer and Rancher fall meeting.  It’s an ordeal – to say the least!

Because my husband’s work attire consists of jeans with cow poop stains, button-up , worn shirts and muddy cowboy boots, business travel requires a whole different wardrobe. It’s one we rarely see and has little practical use for everyday farm work.

The first step in the packing process is lugging the mountain of clothing to the dry cleaners for the obligatory clean and starch. That’s my job and I also get to pay the heft dry cleaning bill. The second step is explaining why the pants do not match the shirt and why the boots cannot go with every outfit. And the third – convincing him that his “lucky” K-State shirt – with the hole in the front – is not appropriate for the meeting. Yes, I know I am putting a 6-0 winning streak in jeopardy!

It’s like assembling a puzzle. This matches this and can be worn again with that. No those pants do not work with that shirt and yes those boots do match those pants – don’t forget the belt and the boot polish. It requires lists, reviews and a whole lot of persuading.

Packing makes for quite the affair at our house and helps us remember exactly what is hanging in his closet – and why he owns a suit jacket and tie.

All I can say is God bless farmers – and their wisdom to marry women with good fashion sense!

2 thoughts on “The Traveling Farmer

  1. Im bummed that I can’t attend convention this year. I have judged for the last 9 years and only missed one in there because my grandpa had cancer. If I were going I would definetly stop by the booth.

    Good thing he has you for fashion advice!

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