Being Lied To

I hate being lied to. I think most would agree with that statement. It’s not only an insult to your intelligence but a breeding ground for lies and untrue statements.

On Saturday my husband, Derek, and I traveled out to town to an upscale restaurant to celebrate our one-year anniversary. The restaurant came highly recommended and our first impressions were good. But then the waitress proceeded to give us the pre-written and memorized explanation of where and how the restaurant acquired the beef it sold. To the average consumer I’m sure it all sounded well and good. Lingo like “grass-fed,” “massaged daily,” “marbling” and “hormone-free” were thrown around. The “story” also included an explanation of how the restaurant’s owner was also the sole caretaker for the cattle that produced the steak entries that were served. It all sounded lovely.

But, upon closer inspection and further dissection of exactly what the waitress had told us – and inevitably every other couple that was sitting in the restaurant – we realized her “story” of the restaurant’s beef was just that – a story – and likely had very little truth to it.

We quickly researched the restaurant owner’s name and realized that he must be a busy guy because in addition to caring for and massaging his cattle daily, he was also managing more than a dozen restaurant in several cities in Kansas. Strike #1.

When we questioned a couple of her statements, she said she learned all she recited from the vendor. Why do you need a vendor when the owner cares for the cattle? Strike #2. The vendor part was likely true as she started her story by saying it was Sterling Silver beef. That is a brand created by Cargill and distributed to restaurant and grocery stores.

And since when did we create hormone-free beef? I’m no biology major but I do know that all living creatures – including cattle – have naturally occurring hormones. And I’ve also learned – through my Farm Bureau experience – that leafy greens have several times more hormones than a serving of beef. Strike #3.

And with that, she was out.

Derek and I enjoyed our meal but our waitresses’ stories and lies definitely soured our view of the restaurant. The experience also made me question just how often we are lied to.

If everyone followed the lead of the waitress and assumed everything they have been told is true, then we are all likely wandering the streets with a mind full of falsities and lies.

Derek and I politely corrected our waitress, gave her a quick lesson on the makeup of beef and explained how and why hormones are found in cattle. I don’t know if we made an impression or simply came off as arrogant cattle owners but at least we did what we could to correct a lie and inform one more consumer.

I don’t like being lied to and I certainly don’t like people spreading lies to potential consumers.


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