Going Out With A Bang!

While we humans clamor to have the first baby of the new year, the cows on the Sawyer farm seem to be competing for the honors of the final calf of 2011. We had two new calves born today. Both mom cows were Red Angus and one baby calf was also red while the second was black. Both babies had just mastered the art of standing and were in search of mommy’s milk. New born calves are terribly cute and new mommies are very protective of their young ones – as we expect them to be!

Happy new years and best of luck in 2012 from Sawyer Land and Cattle herd!

A mother cow stands guard by her newborn calf.


A baby calf searches for its mother's milk. It appears the calf is sticking out its tongue - apparently it's not fond of the paparazzi.


A baby calf attempts to take its s first steps less than two hours after being born on New Year Eve 2011.

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