New Faces To The Farm


The Sawyer Farm has welcomed dozens of new faces over the past few weeks. We started calving the first week of January and hope to have all of our calves on the ground by the of March. Here are a picture of a few of our new little girls and guys.

One thought on “New Faces To The Farm

  1. Katie, Your Mother sent me your video, and Alli is here helping me clean some rugs and she helped me with the video. It is GREAT!!!! You and friend did so good!! I have been reading your blog and so memories have come back of early days of our marriage and farming. We never had cattle, but the long hours, missed meals, and etc. brought back fond memories!! Keep up your speaking out for agriculture, People must understand that it is the land that makes out living and we treat it the best of our knowledge!!I live in a area that now have many environmentalist and they just don’t understand the farmers needs and land!! Keep up your work and love to read about you . Love you much Grandma T Giving you video to Diane and Sandra!!

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