I’m A Grandmother!

My heifer calf, JoJo, delivered her first calf - a boy - this afternoon, making me a very proud grandma!

I became a grandmother today! It’s quite a unique title given the fact I have no children of my own. I do, however, have a heifer calf that is now a first-time mother. My husband was feeding this afternoon when I got the news that my cow – JoJo – had delivered a healthy bull calf. I have to admit, I’m pretty thrilled. Like mother grandmothers, I took it upon myself to get some pictures of the new addition.

My history with JoJo goes back more than two years. I purchased JoJo from my father-in-law two winters ago after her mother passed away from a form of cancer. I bottle fed JoJo twice a day through the spring and summer, until she was mature enough to eat from the bunk. She spent last summer grazing in the Flint Hills outside Eureka, Kan. She is at our farm this winter – where she gave birth to her calf – and this week will move to the pasture behind our home. In April, she and her calf will go back to the Flint Hills for a summer on grass.

It’s been great watching her grow and become a mother cow. I have to admit – I’m pretty proud.

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