No Rest For The Weary

The cows are out, the cows are out!

Just like dogs have the uncanny ability to cheer up their owners when they are sad, cattle have an annoying ability to  tell when their owners are settled in for the night and find a way to get through the fence.

Tonight, as Derek and I settled in to enjoy dinner and a few old television episodes still left on the DVR, we heard the moaning of a few mother cows that conveniently found their way to our backyard.

So off to work we went, getting mother cows and their calves back into the pasture. Most went “home” with little work but we had one holdout that decided to take her sweet time getting back into the pasture. After some chasing, coaxing and a trickery, she finally went back to the pasture. Getting the cows in isn’t the end of the work, the fence must be checked and most likely repaired.  In all, it took us over an hour to put cattle back into the pasture and repair the broken electric fence. That’s one less hour I get to enjoy on my couch. But one more hour I got to spend with my husband, on our farm.

When the cows are out, we, as owners, can’t hit the mute button, turn the other cheek or ignore the situation. When the cattle call, we must answer. The workday never ends for farmers and ranchers and while that isn’t always fun, but it’s part of this great industry we call agriculture.

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