You can’t change a farmer – or his taste buds

Farmers are responsible for growing every fruit, vegetable and grain we enjoy on our breakfast, lunch and dinner plates. But after about three years with my farmer, I now understand that just because farmers grow all those wonderful foods, doesn’t mean they enjoy eating them.

With warmer weather, longer days and a break in our travel schedule, I have been making an effort to cook more meals

Derek has been supportive if not a little suspicious of this new behavior but he’s been a good sport and even manned the grilled for me a few times.

My effort to cook more has led me to try some new and different recipes. The other night it was grilled tilapia and last night a potato frittata. Derek has played along but I tested his limits last night with the frittata. I figured I could slip a few vegetables in between layers of potatoes and eggs. But I was caught and the meal was a flop.

Derek has told me several times that he doesn’t like most vegetables. I hear him but continue to believe – like most women – that I can change him. My plan was to use through sneaky tactics, and sleuth-like behavior to hide the veggies in the other components of the meal. But I was caught. Dang it! I have also foolishly believed that if I marinated, grilled or cooked the vegetables long enough, they would tickle his taste buds. Once again, wrong.

Women all over the world make the centuries-old mistake of believing they can change their men. I am here to tell you that it just doesn’t happen.

Farmers, I believe, are more entrenched in their habits and routines than most. I blame it on the fact that most farmers have been farming literally all of their lives and have picked up habits from fathers, grandfathers and uncles. Some of these habits are great – like an uncompromising work ethic, passion for feeding the world and a genuine concern for their animals and livestock. But others – like my husband’s disdain for vegetables – are not quite as enjoyable. And as a farmer’s wife, I am going to have to learn to accept him and his habits – both good and bad. Men only change if they want to change and my husband has no intentions of expanding his palette. I need to accept that fact, but his aversion to veggies is killing my cooking habits.

I guess it’s all part of marriage and something – like the dirt at the backdoor, long working hours and tendency to smell like cow poop – that I will learn to live with.

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