Appreciating Change

As a group of us stepped outside our office today into the fresh air and sunshine, I heard a person comment that they wish the weather was always this great. I think most of us could – and did – agree but I realized after moving back inside, that sometimes perfection isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. If we didn’t have four distinct seasons, would we really appreciate each season for the changes and new things it brings?

After a long, hot, scorching summer, everyone was thrilled to see fall usher in cooler temperatures and some much-needed rain. Winter then moved in with snow and cold and now, after an admitted “easy” winter, spring has delivered sunshine, cool breezes and overall fantastic days. Often we need less-than-desirable conditions to put into perspective just how wonderful a little sunshine and warmth can be.

Looking at our own lives, would we appreciate the ups, if we didn’t have the downs to put them in perspective? Would the good times seem quite as great if there weren’t bad times? The next time you think “man it would be great if it were always like this!” remember that without a little diversity, change and a few miss haps, we would quickly forget just how great the good things in life really are. Here are a few things that make me appreciate someone or something.

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