A Pedicure for the Big Guy

This post is compliments of my husband – Derek – who shared this great photo with his Facebook friends this morning and then realized a photo like this requires a little explanation!

With breeding season right around the corner, Derek decided that one of his 2,000 pound bulls needed a pedicure. While humans get their toenails cut and filed for beauty purposes, bulls need their hooves and toes trimmed for health reasons. As Derek explained on Facebook, one toe on each front hoof grew too long. When they get too long, they will eventually crack and break. This is not typical, but does happen sometimes. The vet used a small grinder to trim the hoof back just like a person and a fingernail. There was no blood and the bull feels much better this evening. The chute was used for the bull and vet’s safety alike.

And no, I don’t think he opted for the complete pedicure with a massage and polish.

Chores like this are just part of a cattleman’s life and one of the several small things a cattle owner must do to ensure their animals’ health and well-being.

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