Thank You Domino’s Pizza

As Burger King snagged headlines last week for falling in line with the Human Society of the United States and adopting a cage-free egg and pork policy, Domino’s Pizza quietly dismissed efforts by the same organization to force all of its poultry vendors to move to a cage-free production system.

The Domino’s board not only rejected HSUS’s proposal but also noted that it relies on data from the agriculture industry when making decisions pertaining to its food suppliers – not an organization dedicated to putting an end to animal agriculture.

“We rely on animal experts to determine what is the best way to raise an animal that’s being used for food,” said Tim McIntyre, Domino’s spokesperson.

HSUS was able to submit the proposal to the Domino’s board by purchasing shares of the publically traded company. A proxy vote showed the proposal earning only 4 percent of the total shareholder vote.

I applaud Domino’s for not only its recent dismissal of HSUS, but also for its ongoing efforts to promote the importance of U.S. agriculture in the production of its pizza products. The company’s website features an entire page dedicated to the dairy industry and a link to Dairy Farming Today. The website also includes video of farms and dairies that supply Domino’s with the cheese, tomatoes and beef that are staples of their pizzas. It’s obvious they know where their food is coming from!

As a farmer and rancher, it is great to see a restaurant chain connecting with agriculture and the farmers and ranchers that make their products possible. Thank you Domino’s Pizza, unfortunately you don’t have a restaurant in my town but the next time I have the opportunity to enjoy a slice of pizza, I am headed your way!

Read more about Domino’s decision to reject the HSUS proposal at–149136845.html

One thought on “Thank You Domino’s Pizza

  1. Thank you for realizing that we work hard to raise a good livestock product from inception to market. I will be proud to purchase your pizza products.

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