Many of us in animal agriculture are asked this same question. It’s never easy to answer and there is no one correct answer. But this is a great response and one that accurately describes why many of us – myself included – chose to raise animals for human consumption.

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The most frequently asked question that I receive from urban dwellers is, “How can you take care of animals for several months and then send them off to be killed?”  Quite honestly, this is a question that I ponder regularly as I think about why I believe that it is an admiral vocation to raise food animals.

I believe that I am a person of great compassion, and I spend each day trying to use the abilities that I was blessed with to be a positive contributor to my community and my country.  I care very deeply about the people and the animals that fill my life.  When I crawl into bed at night, the last thing that I ask myself is, “did I make a difference today?”

Last week, someone asked me why my blog is so personal in nature.  The simple truth is that my family and my…

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    1. Anne,
      Thank you again for the great message. I reposted your blog entry onto my blog in hopes I can change the mind of some of my skeptics. It’s a tough question to answer but I think you did a fantastic job.

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