Moms on the Farm

A group of mother cows check me out as I attempt to capture them for a quick mother’s day photo.

While many of us spent Sunday celebrating our mothers, a group of mothers and mothers-to-be quietly grazed on lush green grass just down the road from our house, enjoying another lazy spring afternoon.

The mother cows, which joined our farm family in late April, didn’t get to enjoy cake or open presents from husbands and kids. They instead went about their day with no celebration or acknowledgement of their time and devotion. But while greeting the ladies during my morning run Monday, I realized these ladies deserve a shout-out too. They work hard every day to raise and nurture the calves that we then rely on to grow and continue our cattle operation.

As ranchers, my husband and I rely on our mother cows to raise and care for the calves. Protective and productive mother cows are essential to a successful cattle operation. When the mother cows fail to feed and care for their calves, we must step in an replace the food, nourishment and care a mother would normally provide. We can raise happy and healthy calves but there is no real substitute for mother’s milk and attention. When mothers properly care for their calves, our jobs as ranchers are substantially simplified.

The same goes for all animals on our farm. Mothers are at the center of any successful animal operation – be it horses, sheep or pigs. Mothers are a must!

So on this Monday, following the tradition day of celebration for human mothers, I would like to recognize the many mother cows that make our farm a success and allows us to enjoy hundreds of happy, healthy baby calves.

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