The Single Summer Months

Summer is quickly approaching; Memorial Day is just over one week away. For most couples, that means lake trips, picnics and weekends of fun in the sun. For farmers, it means work, work and more work.

As most professionals slow for the summer season, farmers across the Midwest ramp up their schedules, cramming six months of work into three. Work days start at sun-up and end long past dark. The office is a tractor cab and vacations come only after the rain.

As a farm wife, this time of year brings mixed emotions. While I enjoy the opportunity to ride along with my farmer as he cuts wheat and plants soybeans, I don’t enjoy the endless nights of dinner for one and evenings at home with just the dogs to keep me company. Even the weekends are spent without a significant other. There is little downtime for farmers and when they aren’t in the field, they’re probably napping or finishing paperwork.

I have learned to deal with the busy times and have found plenty of projects to keep myself busy – thank you Pinterest. But the most difficult part of being a farm wife in the summer is learning to be a single again. Endless invitations from friends and family to attend barbecues, days at the lake and evenings by the campfire are tempting but if I chose to attend, I will likely be doing so without my farmer. Just call me the summer-time plus-one.

Fortunately, I’m cut from the independent cloth and can handle road trips, yard work and laundry without my husband. But during the busy times, it’s really great having a support group, or two. I have my farmers’ wives support group that meets monthly, but I also have an amazing group of friends and family right down the road. I’m only lonely if I want to be.

The field work has already started and I have enjoyed supper solo for the past two nights. The single season is here, now I just need to get myself adjusted to life without my farmer.

2 thoughts on “The Single Summer Months

  1. I hear you on being a “single” farm wife. And if you don’t think that’s hard enough, I hope your farmer doesn’t take up golf. In that case, any time he has off he’s wasting on the golf course. Maybe it’s needless to say but I really don’t like golf.

    1. Thanks! I don’t think my farmer has the patience for golf. He does, however, have a passion for all things Kansas State University athletics, which means he’s watching football or basketball when not in the field. I am starting to resent all types of sports.

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