Last week I wrote about a local beef processor that used his advertising dollars to damage the reputation of large beef processors and commercial cattle ranches. Not only was the information in the ad false, but it also discredited the health and safety of the beef my husband and thousands of other cattle owners produce each day. My husband and I, who had been loyal customers for several years, made our feelings about the advertisement very clear. My husband spoke to the business owner about the false information in the ad and pulled our business – and our beef – from his store. We thought we were doing all we could to stop the flow of miss-information;  we had made our concerns heard and were moving our money elsewhere. A few friends and fellow customers heard about the ad and promised to follow suit but we figured it ended there.

It turns out our actions made a larger ripple. The advertisement published two weeks ago promised the publication of a second blog posting by the same individual. But after scouring the local newspaper all last week, we found no evidence of a second ad. Did the average reader take notice? Probably not. Did we? Yes!

We may not be able to completely change the business owners’ thinking on commercial beef processing and the health and safety of commercial beef, but we can stop his influence on readers and customers. And it seems we did just that.

My husband and I consider our efforts a success and lesson learned. If you read, hear or see something you know is false or misleading, say something! You can help influence the flow of new information from that source or have the false facts remove all together. It’s a small step but it’s progress.

Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Keep agvocating!

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