An Ode to My Farmer

Today my favorite farmer turns 32. My husband, Derek, has been farming since he was old enough to ride in the pick-up, nestled between his father and grandfather. He has tales of driving the tractor and checking cattle long before he started kindergarten and was involved in 4-H when he and the bucket calf stood eye-to-eye.

My wonderful husband, Derek, stands by a new mother after tagging her calf and ensuring everyone was doing well.

Derek always knew he wanted to farm. It’s in his family and his blood. He loves watching mother cows and their calves graze in green pastures and listening to the corn grow on still spring days. He is not a morning person but will wake before the sun to drive his tractor-trailer down the road to deliver steers to pasture and burn the other end of the candle planting corn on chilly spring nights. He loves his animals and spends his days making sure they receive a nutritious and balanced feed ration. He knows the personality of each bull and takes such pride in the new crop of calves each spring. He is a farm through and through and that’s what makes him wonderful – and a little hard headed. I may complain about his stubborn streak, but it serves him well in the field.

In addition to his work on the farm, Derek dedicates time to all levels of the Farm Bureau organization and was named to the 2012 Leadership Kansas class – a great honor for any professional in Kansas. He has traveled the country on behalf of Farm Bureau and agriculture and has helped share his story and his love of farming.

He even finds the time to support his beloved Kansas State University Wildcats.

I never dreamed I would be a farmer’s wife but Derek’s enthusiasm and passion for agriculture has inspired me to be an advocate for the industry and the people that provide food, fuel and fiber for the world. I appreciate everything his does and know he does it not for the money but for the love of work and its rich history and tradition.

So happy birthday to my dirt-loving, John Deere-driving, calf-raising husband. I love you!

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