Out and About

Farming isn’t a desk job. It requires hard work that starts when the sun comes up and ends long after the sun goes down. Over the past week, Derek and I have take a couple of opportunities to check on our crops, cattle and gauge the impact of the drought on our farm. It’s not good but we’re surviving. Below are images taken of our farm.

Our heifers always like to check out the new comers to the pasture. It’s their territory and we were trespassing!
We use sprinklers, commonly referred to as pivots, and flood irrigation, as pictured. The flood irrigation system uses a motor to pump water from the ground and push it through a series of metal pipes. Vents or gates are opened a various points along the pipe to allow water to escape into the field.
Froese Brothers Harvesting out of Inman chopped corn on our farm. The result – called silage – will be feed throughout the fall and winter months.
Derek’s father, Doug, walks through a group of heifer cows that are grazing in pastures southeast of El Dorado. We send our cattle to pasture during the summer to soak up the sun and enjoy lazing days grazing and napping.
Derek stands amongst his ladies as he inspects and condition and health of our heifers out at pasture this summer.



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