A Woman’s Right To Do It All

*I write this post both as a women and as a farmwife that understands the desire to have it all and do it all. As a farmwife, marketing director, runner and advocate, it’s hard to find the time to fit it all in. But we, as women, have earned the right to do it all and have it all and that is something I believe should be applauded.

Women have worked for decades – even centuries – to earn equal pay in the corporate work, equal space in the boardroom and equal say in the household finances.  Women are approaching equilibrium and getting closer each day.

Over the years, women have earned a right to vote, right to equal pay and a right to lead Fortune 500 companies. But women have also earned the right to not return to work after the birth of children, to be happy with a part-time career to better balance work and life and to take a backseat to our husbands. It’s all part of our rights as women and it’s also integral to the future success of women in America. Women should be able to make decisions about their careers and their families and have the complete and unwavering support of their families, friends and society as a whole.

Case in point is Marissa Mayer, who earlier this week was  named the new CEO of Yahoo. Sadly the announcement of her achievement as a career woman has been overshadowed by the fact she’s expecting her first child and has announced her intentions of working through her pregnancy and maternity.

Marissa wants to do it all and I have a strange suspicion she will accomplish that goal. But the criticism from those who don’t want to see her meet that goal is sad. From the moment it was announced that she was expecting, criticism from both sides started flying. Many believed Marissa and others shouldn’t do it all; that women should have to decide between a career and a family. Others believed she was jeopardizing the happiness of her unborn child because she was opting to work instead of parent. All assumptions have, sadly, covered  up the true success story that got buried in the mess of time management and breast feeding talk.

The 37 year-old “power geek” should be seen as a role model for women. She worked her way up the ranks of Google and has been selected to lead a national search engine company. She’s managed to balance work and life and is now attempting to “test the glass ceiling” by throwing a baby into the mix. Women should be standing in the streets yelling “You go girl!” and holding up Marissa as a female who has earned the right to do it all and will be able to handle it all.

Women of all ages, races and income levels have worked tirelessly to earn the ability and freedom to make the decisions that suit their incomes, their lifestyle and their ambitions. Women shouldn’t knock down others because they chose a different path. Women should celebrate one another and see different choices as evidence of their progress and their freedom to stay at home with their children or run a Fortune 500 Company. Men don’t have to choose between a family and a career and neither should women. So let’s celebrate Marissa and others who want – and know they can – have it all and do it all.

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