Appreciation For The Small Town Life

I consider myself a seasoned traveler. I’ve crossed “The Pond” a few times to visit various European countries and flown south of the board for time on Mexico’s sunny beaches. I have visited three fourths of this nation’s 50 great states and even made the rounds within my own great territory of Kansas.

Traveling is exhilarating, adventurous and unpredictable. There is nothing like the excitement that comes from boarding a plan destined for a new land and finding new foods, cultures and people along the way.

But traveling can also be exhausting, defeating and overwhelming. Planes can be late, hotels can overbook rooms and world-renowned exhibits can be closed the day you arrive for your tour.

I love my time away from home and the hustle and bustle of everyday life but there is nothing like the thrill of coming home.

I returned from a four-day trip to Washington D.C. late Friday night – after my flight from Atlanta to Wichita was delayed nearly 3 hours. I traveled to our nation’s capital to attend the American Farm Bureau Federation Women’s Communication Boot Camp. It was a great experience that has made me a better speaker and communicator.

I love visiting D.C. and other large, metropolitan cities and while there, I try to take in as much of the culture, food and sites as possible. But, the hustle and bustle of Washington made me appreciate the quiet country roads and predictable pace of traffic in my town. The high rises and concrete walls helped me to see the beauty in our pasture ground and cropland and the constant stream of people makes me long for the quite countryside where only the cows roam. The people are friendly, the food is simple and the opportunities are endless.

Many people shudder at the thought of small town life but I have learned to love it. Granted, I was one of many that dreamed of getting away to the big city, escaping the boredom that came with rural America. But I moved back home and won’t be leaving anytime soon. I didn’t always have this appreciation and it did take moving away to truly see all that my community and rural life have to offer.

I love my time on the road, in the air or out to sea, but I also love my small, quite life in Central Kansas. It’s home and it’s where I belong.

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