Reposted: The Truth about Gestation Stalls

Gestational stalls have made headlines across the country this year. Animal rights groups such as PETA and HSUS have teamed up with large grocery and restaurant chains to convince consumers that gestational stalls are inhumane and abusive to our farm animals. By creating policies stating they will not purchase meat from farms that use the stalls for their mother pigs, farmers across the country are being forced to remove important and often life-saving technology from their barns and return to the practices of 50 years ago.

When you hear stories about gestational stalls, you never hear the story of the farmer that witnesses mother pigs bully and torment one another or see the stress that is put onto animals that must fight for food and water. You only get the opinion of restaurant owners and animal rights groups that have never raised a pig – much less thousands of pigs – at one time.

I urge you to read this article, written by a farmwife that uses gestational stalls on her farm. It’s an open and honest look at gestational stalls and how they are vitally important for the health and well-being of their animals.

There is another side to the gestational stall story and I urge you to take both arguments into consideration before making your decision.

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