Dinner Chat

Last week I have the wonderful opportunity to enjoy dinner and great conversation with community leaders and decisions makers. As a spokesperson for CommonGround Kansas, I was invited to dinner with Central Kansas leaders on the Kansas State Fair grounds. The effort was part of CommonGround’s emphasis on conversations with those that make food decisions for families, school sand the community as a whole.

Superintendents, mayors, school food service directors and university chefs were all at the table and eager to ask about food, farms and how exactly it all makes it to the table.

The ability to speak personally and candidly about my farm, my husband and I’s attempts to raise happy, healthy animals and grow crops using fewer inputs was a rare but enjoyable experience.

Conversely, those in non-agriculture roles also took advantage of the one-on-one dinner conversation, inquiring about antibiotics in meat, the farm bill and a farmer’s take-home pay.

Agriculture has put top priority on sharing its story with the outside world but it’s also important for farmers and ranchers to stop and listen to the questions and concerns of those making food decisions for their family and community. CommonGround works to facilitate those conversation and bring the families behind the food with the families consuming the food. Dinner conversation isn’t just important for uniting families, it’s a great way to unit farmers and consumers and creates a unique atmosphere to questions, answers and lots of learning.

This was my first major event with CommonGround Kansas and I walked away eager for the next dinner event and excited about the impact a simple dinner can really make.

Learn more about the CommonGround Kansas organization at http://commongroundkansas.wordpress.com/.

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