GMO Foods

This November California voters will decide if GMO foods will be labeled. Sadly, this is big news that has slipped my “Ag” radar but the outcome of this election could have substantial effects on the nation’s food industry.

Proposition 37 would require any food derived from plants or animals with genetic material “changed in specified ways” to be labeled as such. The legislation would also put requirements on using the term “natural” on foods.

Those in support of the proposition, in interviews about the upcoming vote, continue to say “research shows” that GMO foods negatively impact human health. Sadly, I’ve never seen that research and the lethal side effects of the modified crops used to produce some food.

But what people who are in support of the bill forget is that all foods available for human consumption are approved by the Food and Drug Administration and the USDA. Why is the approval of those two agencies all of the sudden not enough for consumers? They trust them to approve medications and regulate their children’s school lunches. But they don’t trust them to prevent harmful foods from entering the food system? Sad.

GMO foods have been proven safe for human consumption. Without GMO seeds, farmers would find yields similar to those reported 20-30 years ago. In a time when we are struggling to meet global food demands, this is a dangerous possibility. GMO technology also allows farmers to use few herbicides and pesticides on their crops and can help crops withstand droughts and floods. That means higher food prices and less food production.

GMO foods are completely safe and are vital to feed our country and the globe. Prop 37 is bad legislation!



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