A Personal Mission Statement

I recently found a link for an article helping individuals create their own mission statements and further defining themselves and their future. I found like short but informative article very useful not only for myself as a professional but also for our family farm.

There are several reasons that individuals and businesses should have mission statements. You would be hard-pressed to find a successful business that doesn’t have a mission statement. So why, do farmers and ranchers often overlook small but important steps like this when growing and building their businesses? Outside of business, farmers and ranchers should be proud of their unique practices and characteristics that allow them to continue their business and way of life.

As farmers and ranchers continue to develop relationship with the media, consumers and others it’s important that they emphasize the uniqueness of their farm, family and practices. All farms are not the same and neither are the farmers and ranchers that own them. I believe it’s important that we as farmers and ranchers promote and accentuate our uniqueness. We each aim to produce safe and healthy food, fuel and fiber but we all go about it in different ways and end up meeting a variety of commercial and niche markets.

Below is the link to the step-by-step article on creating your own mission statement. This can easily be translated into a business mission statement for your farm and ranch. I’ve started on a mission statement for my husband and I that will easily translate into a mission statement for our farm. Our land and animals are our business and we, like any business owner, want to see that business continue for decades to come.


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